How to Compromise When Traveling with Friends

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to travel with close friends. Whether it’s a weekend away or a trip abroad, I’ve learned a few things about the importance of compromising. Here are some things to consider when planning your next trip with friends.



Talk about Budget Up Front

We all have different expectations when it comes to our travel budgets (if we even have them at all!). I’ve found it’s best to discuss this topic in the early stages of planning. Knowing what your friends are thinking in regards to budget will help you all figure out what you’d like to prioritize. Are you most interested in the food scene wherever you’re traveling? Plan to book a cheaper hotel or AirBnB to make sure you’re able to enjoy it! Traveling with others is all about compromising to make sure everyone enjoys themselves, and budgeting can play a huge role.

Manage Expectations

In line with discussing budgets, it’s important to know what everyone is expecting from the trip. When I traveled to Nashville with two friends, we each had different levels of expectations. I had been to Nashville once before, but only for a few hours, so I was interested in seeing what else it had to offer. One friend had also previously visited, but for an event, so she didn’t get to see much of the city. The other friend had never been to Nashville, and she said she had no expectations for the trip and was just along for the ride. We managed to do things everyone enjoyed, including checking out various neighborhoods as well as the local shopping and dining scenes, and we all left feeling like we’d properly “done” Nashville.

Go With It!

Things will inevitably go awry when traveling - whether for you personally, or for your group as a whole. My advice is to go with it (unless it’s something really bad). Part of the joy of traveling is seeing what other places have to offer, and sometimes it’s the unexpected that brings us the most interesting experiences. A friend may spontaneously want to do something you would never have considered, but it could turn out to be your favorite part of the trip. Be open-minded and remember that your trip isn’t just yours; you’re experiencing it with others, which in itself is a bit of a journey!

And of course, have fun!