Conferences on my Radar

Last week I attended the first conference put together by Girl Tribe Co., a local business centered on empowering women in business. The Girl Tribe Girl Talk - Transparent Conversations About Business was hosted at Camp North End from 5:3-9:30 pm and featured three panel discussions on a variety of topics. Here’s a brief recap of the panel sessions:

Girl Tribe Girl Talk -

Girl Tribe Girl Talk -

Fake it Till You Make It (Product Creation from concept to fulfillment)
Michelle Tunno Buellow, Bella Tunno
Dina Carey, Milkful Lactation Oat Bars
Liz Porter, Doc Porter's Distillery

Flip It + Reverse It (Taking a Leap and Flying)
Maureen Anders, Anders Ruff Workshop
Hannah Kay Herdlinger, thread talk
Kate Rech, Ollie Gray

Placing Our Bets on Women in Tech (And Social Media)
McKenna Bleu, Blogger Mckenna Bleu
Betsy Hauser Idilbi, Tech Talent South
Sonali Lamba, Brideside
Morgan Lashley and Caroline Dunham, Vestique

Lauren Levine and Ali Washburn, The Margarita Confessionals
Miranda Thomas Miller, mirandainclt 

The evening revolved around the idea of transparency in business. In today’s world, there seem to be so many people doing their own thing, leaving others wondering “how it’s done.” These discussions peeled back the curtain a bit and invited the audience into the realities of owning your own business. My biggest takeaway? Most panelists still had a day job. The second biggest takeaway? Just keep going. The third biggest takeaway (and maybe this should be my #1): make sure you’re crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s (in regards to the legality of your venture).

Charlotte is lucky to be the home of Carrie Baker and Sarah Baucom, founders of Girl Tribe Co. Attending the conference last week proved that even more. By encouraging transparency in business, Carrie and Sarah are encouraging collaboration across fields as well as “community over competition.”

Girl Tribe Girl Talk gift bags

Girl Tribe Girl Talk gift bags

After the Girl Tribe Girl Talk conference I started thinking about all the other conferences I’d like to attend. These have been on my radar for awhile, I just need to make the time to go! Here’s a quick list of what I’ve got my eyes on:

Create & Cultivate - Los Angeles, California

Garden & Gun Jubilee - Charleston, South Carolina

The School of Styling - North Carolina

The Southern Coterie - The Summit - location varies year to year